Monday, 30 January 2012

Spooky puts out second release on Ghost House Records

Today sees the second release on DJ Spooky's label Ghost House Records, having already put out the 'Rusty Bell EP'. This one - 'Allstars EP' - has productions from Spooky, Deset, Teeza and Moony. All four tracks are bangers to be fair, but the Moony contribution 'Music 4 U' is particuarly strong (a piece of 140bpm music that is more old-school breaks than grime, but fits itself well into a grime set).

Listen and buy! (Juno recommended, link below. Amazon sell 224kbps mp3s so forget them, iTunes is bad for that too.)

Ghost House Records
Spooky's official site

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Video from last June of Marger outside Rude Activity #2

Not posted on here for over half a year, wouldn't mind doing some more Rude Activity nights again, not doing it on my own again though, will need a team.

Anyway - this was filmed by King Ov Da Hillz TV (visit their Youtube channel here) at the second one I did last June with Spooky, Marger, M.I.K, Mossmade Beatz, Potter, Crawler & Sam Best (also spitting on the night were Miss Movements, Luigi & Watty).