Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ghost House Records presents K1 - Apocalypse EP



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In what is proving to be a busy time for the new label, Ghost House Records have their third release due out this Monday (27th February). This time it's an EP from the Wolverhampton-based producer K1, and it's another set of bangers!

To celebrate the release of Apocalypse EP, I got some words from K1 about all this grime madness...

Firstly, your Apocalypse EP is coming out on Spooky's Ghost
House label. Both GH releases have been strong so far. How did that come about?

"I started sending him tunes in April 2011 and started chatting to him through Soundcloud & Twitter. He's constantly supporting my work by playing my tunes in his sets, he gave me my first airplay on 1xtra and I even went down to London with Full Force Ent and did a back to back set with him - so with all that he's really been a key element to my recent success as a producer. That's why it made sense to release my work on his label."

I would describe your music as grime with elements of dubstep - cold but not
full of unnecessarily wobble and all that. How would you describe it?

"I just call it grime when someone asks me because it's the closest genre that my music fits into - I draw influences from all genres of music and life then try to cram it all into 140bpm!"

What was the first music you liked? And how did you get into the grime sound?

"I never really paid much attention to music until 4x4/bassline CD's started being the new 'in thing' at my high school, I used to listen to lots of bassline like the Ejucation & SOTNS volumes but always had the odd grime track I liked on my phone. I remember hearing tunes like "Rhythm & Gash" & "Pulse X" and it's tunes like that which got me into grime at first."

Your 'Apocalypse' EP is highly anticicipated (2 of the tracks were used in
the Kozzie vs. Sox clash on last year's Lord Of The Mics 3 DVD), and should enable you to get across to yet more people. What are your plans
and hopes for 2012 after this?

"I've recently joined the Invasion Alert crew and I'm very pleased about it! You can expect a lot of projects involving the MC's from my new team such as Sox, Jaykae, Hitman & Vader to name a few, hopefully a few joint EP's with the likes of producers Mister Snowman, Skinzmann & CRT & you can definitely expect more instrumental releases like the Apocalypse EP from myself!"

Listen to a preview of tracks from the K1 Apocalypse EP below:

As with the previous two Ghost House releases (Spooky - Rusty Bell EP and Various Artists - Allstars EP), K1's EP will be out via the usual digital retailers (Amazon, iTunes etc).

K1 on Soundcloud

Ghost House Records on Soundcloud

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A break from grime (part 2) - Beth Rose

Primarily a photographer, Beth Rose has also got some bangers of the drawn nature.

Three bits here...

For some reason this last one reminds me of being holiday when I was younger. In Spain I looked out of a hotel window - probably expecting to see something something foreign and exotic, something 'holiday'. It turned out to be a wasteland area, clean and bare. Beyond that there was a big fence and then some tall, thin buildings.

Contact -

Monday, 6 February 2012

New set from Grime Pirates

More from the Grime Pirates crew, who seem to be quite prolific at the moment.

And on the GP subject, here's the track 'Dont Give A Fuck' produced by myself & Baron Dade from Horner's forthcoming mixtape On The Grind. Instrumental is called 'Voices Of Shit'.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Spooky puts out second release on Ghost House Records

Today sees the second release on DJ Spooky's label Ghost House Records, having already put out the 'Rusty Bell EP'. This one - 'Allstars EP' - has productions from Spooky, Deset, Teeza and Moony. All four tracks are bangers to be fair, but the Moony contribution 'Music 4 U' is particuarly strong (a piece of 140bpm music that is more old-school breaks than grime, but fits itself well into a grime set).

Listen and buy! (Juno recommended, link below. Amazon sell 224kbps mp3s so forget them, iTunes is bad for that too.)

Ghost House Records
Spooky's official site

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Video from last June of Marger outside Rude Activity #2

Not posted on here for over half a year, wouldn't mind doing some more Rude Activity nights again, not doing it on my own again though, will need a team.

Anyway - this was filmed by King Ov Da Hillz TV (visit their Youtube channel here) at the second one I did last June with Spooky, Marger, M.I.K, Mossmade Beatz, Potter, Crawler & Sam Best (also spitting on the night were Miss Movements, Luigi & Watty).

Monday, 20 June 2011

2nd Rude Activity mix

Just a little short one, instrumentals only. Couple of decent techno/electro joints in there too. FRIENDLY VIBES.

Download here


01 DJ Spooky - Peach Rings
02 Big$hot - Squelch
03 Distorto - 3
04 Venom Brothers Grim - China Town
05 S-X - Woooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix)
06 Joker & Terror Danjah - Gully Goon Estate
07 Darq E Freaker - Rhythm & Slags
08 Pressure Funk - Pressure Theme