Monday, 20 June 2011

2nd Rude Activity mix

Just a little short one, instrumentals only. Couple of decent techno/electro joints in there too. FRIENDLY VIBES.

Download here


01 DJ Spooky - Peach Rings
02 Big$hot - Squelch
03 Distorto - 3
04 Venom Brothers Grim - China Town
05 S-X - Woooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix)
06 Joker & Terror Danjah - Gully Goon Estate
07 Darq E Freaker - Rhythm & Slags
08 Pressure Funk - Pressure Theme

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A break from grime (part 1) - Ace Tagg

These are taken from Ace Tagg's collection of drawings This Is Awkward.

ca44 - train ticket 4 - dead man about town

ca29 - m knox

ca6 - scarecrow cillian murphy

Ace Tagg on Flickr

Friday, 17 June 2011

Drapez - Another Year

This from a Leeds/London artist that both MCs and produces.

Download his G Rage Vol 1 mixtape



New track by Liquid E

Bit of a 'rhythm & grime' number this one, well good. Wrigley & Liqz have their 'Animal' single coming out on 30th June, available via iTunes. Go support Manny grime!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Next one!

We are very, very proud to be bringing DJ Spooky to Leeds! He will smash it as he always does.

DJ SPOOKY (Slew Dem) >>>
A longtime member of Slew Dem, last year saw him establish himself as a truly vibrant and popular grime producer. He released the massive 'Spartan' 12" on No Hats No Hoods, as well as ‘Murderer EP’ on the colourful new grime label Oil Gang (along with a track on the same label's ‘Quadrant EP’). Add to that the six EPs Spooky has released this year through his own Ghost House label (one of which – ‘A Bag Of Myths EP’ - will be available on white label 12" for free on the night), and you have one hyped-up man!

Vocal remix of 'Spartan' featuring MCs Kozzie, Marger, Merky Ace, Ego & Scrufizzer

Spooky's 2007 reworking of the classic 'Joyride Riddim'

MARGER (Alien Muzik) >>>
Marger is about! The success of last year’s ‘Kushwave EP’ (featuring It’s A Grime Ting and My Thing) has raised him high amongst the crop of so-called ‘new wave of grime MCs’, followed by the recent free ‘Sneaky EP’. Expect a harsh vocal delivery and too much energy.
Marger on Twitter

‘Sneaky EP’ free download
Marger’s latest video ‘Alright’

M.I.K (Family Tree) >>>
Family Tree member M.I.K (Music Is Knowledge) is known for putting the work in. Having released 7 EPs as well as the acclaimed Workaholic and Grime To Five mixtapes, this year has seen him release the ‘Shutdown’ (with Merky Ace) and ‘Do It’ singles. He has vocalled many a Spooky production before and will be to shut down the dance!
M.I.K's blog

Do It (produced by Scrufizzer):

Late night freestyle on Spooky’s UrbanFMTV show

Representing the Leeds grime contingent, we have more Grime Pirates presence courtesy of MCs Crawler & Potter. Both are pushing the hyped-up vibes along with some hard-edged social commentary. As Potter says – it’s grime, grime, grime.
Crawler's Youtube channel
Potter's Youtube channel

'In Leeds' video

Freestyle on The Ledge TV

Plus resident Rude Activity DJs...

Rude Activity #2
Thursday 23rd June
The Well, Chorley Lane, Leeds LS3 1AB
£5/£4 with flyer---8pm-2am


Monday, 16 May 2011

First one of the series, here's the tracklisting:

1. Mossmade Beatz – Duppy That Dutty!
2. Crawler – Grateful (prod by Pakman)
3. Blazer Kid – Errrr Mad Teng
4. Horner – Alien Brain (prod by Pakman)
5. Kid D – Down For You
6. DJ Spooky – Megahertz (John Halifax Remix)
7. Badness, Shizzle, Jamakabi & Killa P – Tarzan (prod by J-Beatz)
8. John Halifax – Bus Company
9. Bomma B – Bombs About (Baron Dade ‘Destructo’ Edit)

Rude Activity Mix #01 - John Halifax by John Halifax

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kaison (Leeds producer)

Don't know what genre this is, but it's pretty fruity (in a good way of course.)

Kaison's Soundcloud

Few things off my Mediafire account

Plenty of grime stuff on there. There's also as some Horrible Injury stuff - a small label run by Normal Man, a hardcore band I play in (Soundcloud & Facebook pages).

Normal Man Music

Few bangers if you can't be arsed looking through:

Lady Leshurr - L Day

Terror Danjah - Old Skool Dancehall Mix

Swindle - FACT Mix (Feb 2011)

Grime Pirates Monthly - March Edition

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Launch night!!!

So here's the flyer for the first Rude Activity night.
Design by Noah Brown (DJing on the night as Baron Dade).

(You can visit Noah's art website here.)

Noah Brown Art

Monday, 11 April 2011


Leeds' own will be dropping his mixtape Just Slew It this year. In the meantime there's plenty on Youtube for you to get stuck into.


...and this one, with Crawler going over a Rude Kid production.

Wariko - Puddin N Treacle (free download)

A couple of months back, the Nottingham MC put out a free download, Puddin N Treacle. I found it on Grimeforum. Production duties on the release are shared between Beatgeeks and ZDot.

Don't forget to look out for the Natural Born Poet album, coming from Wariko this year!

New/old grime blog

This from the feller himself - "My blog, check it out. 320s of old skool grime. Keep old school grime alive on the digital switchover, but don't get it twisted, new school grime is just as sick."

320beats blog

Also, listen to his grime productions as Mossmade Beatz.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mad Teng Music!

Blazer Kid, young MC/producer from Bradford.

Blazer Kid on Soundcloud


2011 is working out pretty well so far for us grime fans in West Yorkshire.
To start things off, here are three reasons why...

Grime Pirates are about! They are a phenomenally hard-working team of artists, MCs, producers and designers that are making proper grime for the people of Leeds and beyond. You will be seeing the name Pakman (GP's head producer) a lot more this year (that's if you haven't already).

Grime Pirates on Facebook

Andwhat? are putting events on at Wire. Two nights old, so far they've had P-Money (OG'z) and Newham Generals' D Double E & Footsie. Next up is Blacks (OG'z) & Kozzie (Family Tree) on Wednesday 13th April. Are you dumb if you miss this? OF COURSE YOU ARE. But you'll be there so it doesn't matter.

Andwhat? on Facebook

King Ov Da Hills is out filming everything that's worth filming around these parts! You cannot front with their workrate and the quality of their productions.

King Ov Da Hills on Youtube