Tuesday, 5 April 2011


2011 is working out pretty well so far for us grime fans in West Yorkshire.
To start things off, here are three reasons why...

Grime Pirates are about! They are a phenomenally hard-working team of artists, MCs, producers and designers that are making proper grime for the people of Leeds and beyond. You will be seeing the name Pakman (GP's head producer) a lot more this year (that's if you haven't already).

Grime Pirates on Facebook

Andwhat? are putting events on at Wire. Two nights old, so far they've had P-Money (OG'z) and Newham Generals' D Double E & Footsie. Next up is Blacks (OG'z) & Kozzie (Family Tree) on Wednesday 13th April. Are you dumb if you miss this? OF COURSE YOU ARE. But you'll be there so it doesn't matter.

Andwhat? on Facebook

King Ov Da Hills is out filming everything that's worth filming around these parts! You cannot front with their workrate and the quality of their productions.

King Ov Da Hills on Youtube